A new word

My daughter is learning something new every day.  We have a book called “Moo, Baa, Lalala”.  You may have heard of it.  Anyways, I read this book to our little one several times a day, it seems, and recently, when she sees a cow, she says “moo”.

So I asked her one day (to test her) “What does a cow say?”.

She said, “Moo”.

Then I asked her what a sheep says.

She said “…moo”.

There you have it, a sheep says “moo”.  Who knew.


November 23, 2009. Photos, Reflections.


  1. Kaarina St. John replied:

    My little one knows a lot of animals.. so we asked her the other day… what does a cow say – “moo” .. what does a sheep say – “baaa” … what does a horse say – “ney”… then we asked what does Morgan say? “Bananas”… which is true she loves bananas 🙂

  2. Amy replied:

    I have that book too! and Kaela loves it…

  3. Karen replied:

    How cute!!!!

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