The Day I Ate Baby Vomit

True story…kinda.  I may or may not have ingested any of it.

It is a life lesson I will never forget, no matter how cute your child is, they have the ability to make you want to throw up.

When my daughter was about 4 months old, she was getting to the point where she liked to be held over my head.  It was fun times.  She would giggle and I would forget the lack of sleep I just incurred.

This was also her peak time of spitting up.  Something I dreaded yet somehow always forgot happened.

We had a feeding/spit-up routine.  I would feed her when we got up in the morning and then lay her on the floor under her jungle gym to play for a little bit.  Then I would pick her up, she would spit up all over me, and we would clean up.

I forgot that last part on this particular day.

It was like a slow motion action scene in a movie.  Me, mouth wide open grinning, and Erin, being lifted above my head after picking her up from under her jungle gym.  It was like Niagara Falls.  There was nothing I could have done.

I had a choice after this all went down.  I was covered in spit-up that I had blown out of my mouth, Erin was covered in spit-up and I really needed to clean my mouth aka vomit.

Being a good mother, I changed her clothes first, laid her on our bed next to dad and went to vomit.

Like I said, true story.


December 8, 2009. I Can't Believe It, Reflections.

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