Gumby and serial killers

When my daughter was born, my husband’s uncle gave him a 6 foot tall blow up Gumby doll.  Apparently it is something J. had when he was a little boy so his uncle thought it would be a fun toy for our little girl.

Her first encounter was a disaster to say the least.  I blew it up, stood it up in our loft and it fell over.  My daughter screamed.  She was absolutely terrified of it.  So I deflated it and put it away.

Just yesterday, I decided it had been long enough and I would try again.  I blew it up and she wasn’t scared.  She actually thought it was pretty interesting.  Maybe it was the tiny Gumby toy she got for xmas…

Regardless, I am deflating it again.  Why you ask?  Because, it disturbingly resembles a serial killer in the dark.

I didn’t think about it when I first blew it up, but I found out in a heart racing instance yesterday.  I was about to leave the house last night and had put stinky in our bedroom.  She is a walker hound so she barks…a lot.  I ran upstairs really quick to put a bark collar on her.  I had already turned the out the lights and just as I reached the top of the stairs, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I just about had a heart attack.  I seriously thought someone was up there ready to kill me.  It doesn’t help that Gumby’s left arm is raised in the air as if he were wielding a knife.

So, goodbye Gumby, I am putting you away and unless my fear of serial killers sneaking into my house subsides, you will not be coming back out.


January 20, 2010. Daily Photo, I Can't Believe It, Photos, The Stink.


  1. Karen replied:

    Wow! that would be scary. Bye gumby.

  2. Joy @ Mommys Joy replied:

    Yep, I’m with you. Good bye! That thing would creep me out in the daylight!

    • True Mommy replied:

      It does creep me out in the daylight. And for some reason, I haven’t gotten around to taking it down…I think I will go do that now…

  3. Mark Gillott replied:

    I had one of those years ago, and have been looking for another one. Interested in selling it and using the money to buy something far less frightening for her? 🙂

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