Snow Day

We took E. up sledding last weekend in Flagstaff.  I was so excited because J. and I both love to ski and snowboard and it was a chance to introduce her to her new career.  (I plan on her being a pro skier and giving us some of her millions to live off of)

Anyways, she had TONS of fun getting dressed…

Cool lady.

But pretty much hated everything else.  We forced her down the hill three times and by the last time, she was done.  She refused to stand, sit or even be held while sitting in the snow.

Isn’t a crying toddler trying to walk in the snow cute?  I’m such a good mom.


January 21, 2010. Daily Photo, Photos, Videos.


  1. Jenny replied:

    awww she’s cute. I thought that was how every outing ended when you have kids 😉

  2. Debbie replied:

    good luck with the “pro skier” thing….I think I was promised that at one time by one of my children…not going to happen I don’t think 🙂

    BTW she is adorable as always!

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