The birds and the bees

My 17 month old daughter may not know it, but she learned about the birds and the bees at the zoo last weekend.

It came from the strangest animal too.  She didn’t see it with the monkeys, or the lions.  She saw it with the tortoises.

Sure enough, they were doing the dirty deed, all while the zoo keeper was in cleaning their cage.

At first it looked like the tortoise was just trying to escape.  It looked as though it was climbing the wall.  But alas, it was not a wall underneath the animal.  It was another tortoise.

As we were walking away from the animal pornography, a little boy yelled to his dad, “Hey!  I can see the baby!”

The funniest thing about the whole situation was that I had no idea tortoises made any noise.  But they do.  Oh, they do.


March 9, 2010. I Can't Believe It.

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