Thanksgiving Turkey Decorations!

I like making things and pretending that I made them with my daughter.  She is only 13 months old so that doesn’t happen but I made sure to make it LOOK like she helped…

This is my Thanksgiving turkey banner.  I don’t have any Thanksgiving decorations so I decided this would be a cute one and it cost under $20.  I bought everything I needed at Michaels and if you are smart, you can find a coupon somewhere.  Here are the steps:

1.  Gather all your supplies:

  • Felt in the colors you want
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paper and Pencil to draw out stensils
  • Ribbon
  • Dowel
  • Googley eyes

2.  Draw out the feathers and letters and cut them out of the felt.

3.  Cut the banner to the shape you want it to be.  *I folded over all the edges and hot glued them together to make the banner double thickness.

4.  Arrange the letters and turkey on the banner.

5.  Hot glue the individual pieces to the banner.

6.  I then cut holes along the sides of the banner to string the ribbon through.  It was time consuming but turned out nice.

7.  Cut the dowel, if needed, to the size you want.

8.  Attach the ribbon at the length you want.  *I hot glued the ribbon to the dowel so it didn’t slip when hanging.

Hang in your home!


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I’m A Winner!

I received the Honest Scrap award from The Ramblings Of A Crazy Mom. Woo Hoo!  Thank you very much!


In accepting this award
1) Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
2) Share “ten honest things” about myself (an try to make them interesting).
3) Present this award to at least 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4) Tell those 7 people that they’ve been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving it.

My 10 interesting, honest things about me…

1. My husband and I have been together for over 10 years.  I am only 25 years old.
2. When I was younger, I showed sheep in 4-H at the local Fair.
3. I used to work with live monkeys, even when I was pregnant.
4. I secretly watch iCarly when my daughter is down for a nap.
5. My ears turn red when I drink alcohol.
6. I have never owned a pair of jeans that weren’t too long.
7. I laugh, just a little bit, after EVERYTHING I say.  No joke.
8. When I was little, my parents always called my younger sister and I “the girls” when I had an older sister too.  I always hated being ‘the same’ as someone else and have tried my hardest to be my own person ever since.  Some times it doesn’t seem to work out that way…
9. I totally wish my boobs were bigger…and my waist smaller.
10. I laughed until I cried when I won a dildo from Mommy Melee‘s giveaway.  I only entered because no one else was…I swear.

These are my FAVORITE blogs to read.  Check them out!

1. Barefoot Foodie
2. Mommy Maria
3. Cheaper Than Therapy
4. Daddy Does My Hair
5. My iRISH Twins
6. Random Shelly
7. Sanity Department

Have fun reading!

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The Day My Daughter Took Off Her Diaper

They say your own child’s poop doesn’t bother you.  They are wrong.

The other day I woke up as I do every morning, to my daughter ‘talking’ in her room.  I did the same thing that I always do.  I make sure it is at least 7:30 AM, I brush my teeth, use the restroom and go in to get her.

On this particular morning, I noticed something different.  She was naked.

I had put her in just a diaper the night before since we had quite a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest.  She had never shown the ability to take said diaper off, but she sure has now.

So, I walk in and I (in a baby voice) say, “Oh!  Look who’s nakey!  Oh….Oh…..Oh no!  What the f***!?!?” (this is when husband walks in)

She apparently followed her own routine that morning as well.  The routine of pooping.

Yup, she had pooped.  Not a little bit, and not the stayinaball kind.  It was everywhere.  When I say everywhere, it was so wide spread in her crib that I was afraid for what may have landed on her pacifier that was currently being devoured.

This was one of those moments where you just freeze, and try to think of what needs to be done first:

1.  Vomit

2.  Start a bath

3.  Wipe of random ‘chunks’ from baby’s hands and feet

4.  Vomit

5.  Say, “I need a drink, you clean it up” to the hubs.

I seriously considered options 1, 4 and 5 but ultimately decided to opt for #2 (no pun intended).

While not thinking option #3 through properly, I drew a bath and picked my little girl up.  I forgot how excited she gets when I pick her up in the morning.  She kicked her feet and baby poop FLEW EVERYWHERE!  I ran, holding my breath so as not to #1 or #4, and dumped her in the bathtub.

Now, you would think that everything would be just peachy keen from here on out.  I found the poopy mess, I chose a game plan and I now have the poop-stigator in the bathtub.  What I didn’t think about is that now, this feces covered child is now dripping chunks into the bath water.  It was gross, even compared to what I had just witnessed.

After draining the bathtub and refilling it a couple of times, I felt confident that I could get her clean in the water she was sitting in.

So what was the lesson I learned from this experience?  Never pick up an excited child who has chunks of poo on their feet.

(you thought I was going to say not to have her in just a diaper at night)

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Beat The Heat

So, I like to complain as much as possible in any given situation.  I am pretty good at it and I feel as though it is a proud accomplishment in my life.  So naturally, I complain about the heat.  Usually it isn’t so bad in the Seattle area as we are so blessed with rain 350 days out of the year.  The downside to this is that when it does hit 100 degree outside, we don’t have air conditioners.

Well, yesterday we hit record temps here in the Pacific Northwest and lucky me, I had but ONE fan in my house.  That one fan was being used in my daughter’s room so that she didn’t pass out from heat stroke.

So now that it is supposed to be hot for the next couple of weeks, I am looking at ways to beat the heat so I can complain just a little less (I think my husband is on verge of divorce over the complaining).

  • Complain about it as much as possible (because we all know that makes the heat go away)
  • Go to a pool to cool off.  I go 2-3 times a day with the kidlet.
  • If you are as unfortunate as I to only have ONE fan, move it to any room you and your kidlet may be occupying
  • I shower about 3 times a day to cool off.
  • I spray down the sheets in my daughter’s and my rooms to cool off before going to bed.  (idea courtesy of @LRJD AKA Lindserella)

I posed the question of how to beat the heat on Twitter last night and here are some answers I got:

Anchormommy:  Two words: air conditioning. JK, we’re big fans of the trusty sprinkler in the backyard. Helps turn the brown spots green too!

AbbieBassett:  IF I am outdoors I am in the pool.. otherwise A.C and a million fans.. this is desert living! Hooray!

BOREDmommy:  We have this hilarious, crazy sprinkler, that the kids run through, over and over again, until we have to drag them inside.

What ways do you beat the heat? And don’t say A/C or I will hunt you down and steal it from you!

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For All You Preggos Out There

Now that my daughter is almost 10 months old, I realize how much I took for granted while she was still a-brewin’.  I kinda played the system when I was pregnant and I was able to take the 8 weeks off from work prior to her birth, while still getting paid at 60% of my salary.  This was great for me as my job was EXTREMELY labor intensive and it just wasn’t working out for me to stay there as I continued to balloon.

ANYWAYS, every day I am reminded of what I was able to do when I didn’t have a baby detached from me to haul around.  I am kinda wishing that I had realized it when I was still pregnant and that I had enjoyed myself a little more.  For instance:

1. I can’t just nap whenever I feel like it anymore.

2. Uh, cleaning the house is no longer a weekly chore…more like monthly.

3.  Happy Hour doesn’t occur for me until 8 PM and it doesn’t leave the house.

4.  I can’t go to the mall and shop without feeding/changing diapers/carrying the babe.

5. I can’t lay on the couch ALL DAY LONG and watch a Law&Order marathon.

6. Packing for a trip takes 5 times longer and contains 30 times more “stuff”.

7.  Seeing a movie with my man takes figuring out a babysitter.  No more ‘walking through the mall not knowing what to do so we go see a movie’.

8. I never pee alone.

Through all of that and thinking, “man I had it good for those 8 weeks”, I realize that I got/get to:

1. Hold my baby in my arms for the first time.

2. Wake up in the middle of the night, every night, for 5 months to feed and cuddle my baby.

3. See her smile for the first time.

4.  Watch her discover her hands for the first time.

5. Watch her take her first step.

6. Roll around on pillows and giggling all day.

7. Tickle her and hear her belly laugh.

8. See her excitement when she sees a balloon.

9. Hear her say “mama” over and over again.

10. See the look in her eyes and know that she is telling me she loves me.

I then realized that I don’t need happy hour or a movie every weekend.   I am so happy to have my little girl here and I am so fortunate to be able to spend every minute of every day with her.

What do you miss about your pre-children era?  What do you love about having your baby?

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9 Reasons Why Every Mom Should Own An iPhone

Maybe you have been begging your husband for a new iPhone and he just doesn’t seem to see why.  Maybe you have one and you know how abs

olutely wonderful they are!  I have compiled a list of all the things that my iPhone does that makes my life, as a mom, much easier!

1.  I can take pics of my little girl and send them via email to my husband all day!

2.  If I am in my car and in need of Starbucks (not only for me but also to make a bottle for my daughter), all I have to do is search for one in maps.

3.  If I forget my camera or just don’t have it on me, I can quickly snap a pic of my daughter doing something cute or new.

4.  You have visual voicemail – so if someone calls and you just don’t have time to listen to their 3 minute long message, you can skip to the middle or end and get the jist of things.

5.  Apps – there are various apps that would come in handy for a mom.  I personally have the WordPress App as well as Tweetdeck on my phone.  That way I can approve comments or write a funny little post on the go.  I can also keep up with my Twitter people while I am out and about!

6.  It looks cool.  (and who doesn’t want to look cool?)

7.  You can carry your music as well as your child’s music on your phone at all times.  It acts as an iPod as well as an iPhone!

8.  You have the weather at your fingertips so you can see what you want to do next week.  You can also check the weather in your favorite vacation destination all day and dream about being there!

9.  More Apps!  You can get an application to see where you want to eat with your kids, what movies are playing and when as well as play virtually any game you want to on down time…if there is any!

So if your husband says, “Why on Earth would you want one of those?”, send him here!  If you own an iPhone, leave a comment and tell me how it makes your life easier!

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5 Things To Do This Summer With Your Kids

I am always trying to think of new and exciting things to do with my daughter now that it is nice outside for the Summer.  We live in the Pacific Northwest so this time of year is very much welcome since we can finally dry out from the Fall/Winter/Spring!

There are some days that I would want nothing more than to just sleep all day long, but since I have a 9 month old, that is just not happening.  So, instead of sit inside all day and play with the same toys over and over again, I try to get out and have some fun while we are at it (even if she doesn’t notice that we are doing something fun).

I have compiled a list of some of our favorite activities to do in the summertime!

1.  Zoo – We bought a year pass to the zoo so now we only have to pay to park and we can go to the zoo as many times as we want!  It has been great, even though my daughter is only interested in the birds in the sky, water and signs (all of which could be fulfilled outside of the zoo).  I love animals so I gladly spend my days checking out the various exotic creatures.

2.  Beach – I know that not all places in the world have beaches, and the ones in the Pacific Northwest are nothing brag about, but even just a park is worth going to at this age.  I lay out a blanket with some toys on it and I get a chance to relax while basking in the warm sun!

3.  Outdoor Mall – I love shopping and I love warm sunny weather.  What is better than getting both at the same time.  Now, I complain that I just don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would build an outdoor mall in the Pacific Northwest.  I mean, there are really only about 15 nice days a year here so why put us through this torture?  Answer:  because on the nice days, it is BEAUTIFUL!  I love shopping outdoors.  I get a tan AND I get to check out cute clothing for the young one!

4.  Swimming – Whether this is in your pool or at a beach, swimming is tons of fun with a baby!  They aren’t quite independent enough to want to swim alone but they are old enough to appreciate the fun water.  Your baby is sure to love it, especially if they love bath time!

And for the not so sunny days…:

5.  Edible Play Dough – I saw an episode of Jon&KatePlus8 (before they went crazy and the show was actually fun to watch) where Kate made edible play dough for the kids to have fun with.  I am totally doing this as soon as my daughter finds this type of thing interesting.  Here are the directions:

1 c. peanut butter
1 c. honey
2 c. non-fat dry milk

Mix all ingredients together until smooth and lay out on wax paper for the kiddos to play with.

What are some things you like to do with your kids during the summer?  I would love to hear them and try them out!

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7 Items For Your Summer Family Camping Trips

I recently went camping with my husband and daughter and realized that there are some items that I could not live without when out in the wilderness.

1.  Pack ‘n’ Play – I know this is a no-brainer but some people don’t splurge for this product when they have their children.  This item is so wonderful.  My daughter slept in this all night and was very comfortable.  It has see-through sides so we were able to see her when it was pitch black outside as we lay in bed.  This is also great because if your tent is too hot to lay your kiddo down for a nap inside, you can easily move the Pack ‘n’ Play outside into the shade.
2.  Warm Pajamas – These are very important.  It gets so cold at night in most places and in order for your child to fall asleep easily, you will need something warm for them to sleep in.  Now, I know you aren’t supposed to, but because it was stormy our first night, I laid a blanket over my daughter because her thick, fleece jammies were just not enough.  I felt safe with this because I could still see her when she moved during the night and I was able to make sure the blanket was not on her face.

3.  High Chair – You should bring some sort of high chair with you when you go camping.  Usually there is a picnic table at the site that you can attach it to or set it on while your baby eats.

4.  Family Friendly Bug Spray – In order to avoid the numerous mosquito bites that are inevitable, you should bring some bug spray that is safe for your little one.  Look for one that has 10% or less of Deet in it.

5.  Spray-on Sunscreen – I use a spray-on sunscreen rather than a lotion since my daughter has a ridiculous amount of hair.  This makes it much easier to get the part in her hair and it is also easier to apply.  Most spray-on sunscreens also come with a ‘stick’ that you can use to apply to their faces.

6.  Toys – This is not so much for your kiddos but for the other ones if you are joining a group.  They will more than likely bring their own toys and this will give your baby more toys to play with that they haven’t seen before.

7. Bedtime Ritual Items – For me, these are a couple of familiar books and her snugglies for in her Pack ‘n’ Play.  I like to keep it as close to home as possible to make it easier and more comfortable for her to sleep in a strange place.  I brought a couple of books I read to her often and her blankie she has in her crib with her.

Although there are a lot of items that are imperative when you bring children camping, these I felt were some of the most important ones.  I would love to know of more that you have brought and found to make life easier!

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