Mommy Weight loss

I am going to start placing all my weight loss information on this page instead of writing a post about it.  Since the weight loss is completely separate than anything I do on my blog (especially the delicious baked goods) than I should separate it accordingly!  I will place my very first mommy weight loss post on this page to allow you to see where I was in the beginning.  If you want to read my journey after that until November, go check out my posts on the blog!  Enjoy!

November 4th 2009 –

Although we have half a bowl of candy left over from Halloween AND a bag of Oreos that I may or may not have picked up at the store, I still lost weight this week.  It was not easy to ‘watch’ what I ate but I did it and it worked out in my favor.  So, goals this week are:

1.  Eat less pizza…this has been a bad one for me!

2.  Go for a daily walk with E.

3.  Drink all my water, another tough one since the water in Arizona is GROSS!

Current weight: 155.8

Goal weight:  130

Last week’s weight: 157.0

Weekly loss:  1.2

Total loss:  7.6

July 7th 2009 –

I remember when I gave birth, everyone said, “Don’t worry about the weight.  It took you 9 months to put it on and it should take you 9 months to get it off.”  Well, what if I didn’t want the weight that was on in the beginning!?!  It has been 9 months since my baby was born and I am still sitting on about 10 pounds of “leftovers”.

Every day I say to myself that I will start Weight Watchers or even just stop eating snacks.  It never happens.  By the late afternoon, I tell myself I will start tomorrow so anything I eat now doesn’t count.  Well, if I keep track of it here, and I post every Tuesday for the world to read, I figured that will be enough to get me to keep going.

After searching for a good photo representing what I look like now, this is all I got:

Granted, there is a 20 pound baby in front of most of me, you get the jist.  If I find a better one, I will post it.  Hopefully I won’t have to (mostly out of fear of having to look at it…).  ANYWAYS, I have more than just 10 pounds of baby fat to lose.  I have about 30 pounds to shed.  Apparently, I am tipping on the “obese” scale of the Body Mass Index since I am so short.  Honestly I think I carry the extra weight that I do have fairly well but that is no excuse to stay friends with it.

So what prompted me to do this?  Well, I have no self control when it comes to food.  Although I am happy my parents had me try a lot of things when I was little so I wouldn’t be picky, I also loathe the fact that I have a severe sweet tooth.  I can’t just get caramel in my Macchiato, I have to have extra caramel.  If there is a free cookie, you can bet I will be there to eat it.  I am even getting excited for the new donut shop that is opening this week a few blocks away.  That is how sad I am…

I realized today that I would love nothing more than to sit on the couch, watch TV and sleep all day.  I don’t feel like I have the energy that is required of me to play with my daughter non-stop.  She should be walking in the next month or two and once that happens, I want to not feel like blob and actually be able to run around with her.  This is why I am doing this.  I want to not only look better (although my loving husband thinks I look great :) ) but I also want to FEEL better.  I want to feel like I have natural energy instead of thinking just another coffee mid-day will help.

I would love any support you have for me on my mommy weight-loss journey.  I will blog about my previous week every Tuesday to keep you all updated on how I am doing.  I will even (eeeekkk!) put my actual weight up for all to see.  If you know me personally and you choose to mention this…you will not have long to live…Jon ;) .  Wish me luck!

Current weight: 163.4

Goal weight:  130

Weekly loss:  N/A

Total loss:  N/A


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