In just a matter of minutes…

One of her favorite things to hold in the car is her sweater and if you even mention her head, that is where it goes among many other things

So she fell asleep.  It was naptime but she was not acting tired in the least.  It was literally a matter of just a couple minutes between these photos.


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My cat hates loves my daughter but sometimes, my daughter can get a little…aggressive. You know, the ‘grab the tail and not let go’ or the ‘lay on top of the cat giving her a hug’ thing.

Well, when I noticed my daughter was trying to get at something the other day, I decided to investigate.  This is what she was doing…

And this was what was under the bed…

Maybe it was the pacifier she wanted but by the look on the cat’s face, it wasn’t.

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A baby and her wipes

I have a very baby-proofed house.  The little one rules the loft and her bedroom during the day and there is nothing that she can do any damage with/to.  I turned my back for just a moment yesterday and when I realized she was being very quiet, I went to check on her.  This is how I found her.

She is sitting in a basket that normally holds her lotions and methodically pulling one wipe out at a time.  It’s one of those times that you are thankful your child stays in that position and continues with the mischievousness for you to go and get the camera.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies!

These are really easy cookies and they are a ton of fun to make with your kids!  While I wouldn’t suggest your little ones do the stove work, I would suggest they put together the wings, feet, eyes and beak!  I found a delicious recipe for No-Bake Cookies on All Recipes’ website.  I picked this one because, although I have one of my own, they never turn out thick enough to make a turkey.  This one called for marshmallows and, as some of you know, that is one of my favorite foods!


1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/3 cup butter
16 large marshmallows
1/3 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup flaked coconut
2 cups rolled oats

Step 1: In the top half of a double boiler*, melt the chocolate chips, marshmallows and butter on low heat.  Stir until they are smooth.

Step 2: Remove from heat and add peanut butter, oatmeal, vanilla extract and coconut.

Step 3: Use an ice cream scoop and place one scoop full of cookie on waxed paper.  Shape with a spoon if needed.

Step 4: Add a small dot of cookie at the top and shape to form a neck.

Step 5: Use Swedish Fish as the tail feathers.  If you cut the tails off the fish, you can use them as the feet of the turkey.  I suggest sticking the Swedish Fish into the body of the turkey so that they down fall off when you remove the turkeys from the wax paper.

Step 6: Place cookies in the refrigerator for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Step 7: Take them out of the fridge and place a dot for eyes and a larger dot for the beak on the face of the turkey**.

*I used two pots, one on top of the other, since I don’t own a double boiler.

**I used white gel icing for the eyes and orange icing with a wide mouth tip for the beak.

Voila!  You have turkey cookies!

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Pure Excitement

My husband and I took our daughter to the Children’s Museum in Phoenix on Friday night.  Needless to say, she had a total blast.  Although much of the exhibits were geared towards older children, there were still a few that she could play with and not just eat.

One thing that caught my eye like a train wreck, was a woman coming out of a ‘jungle’ of hanging water tubes.  She had four kids with her, and two LOST KIDS!  I am not kidding you, she was alone with six kids, two of which had managed to wander off in the forest and get lost.  While I was standing there staring, I overheard they had found one of them but that a three year old was still missing.  All I could imagine was the front page of the paper the next day:


Reminds me a little of the movie Idiocracy…just sayin’.

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Meet Gertrude

I would like to introduce our cat, Gertrude.  She has many names, Gertie, Gertenugen (gert-en-noogin), Gerts.  She is like most other cats and minds her own business all day until company comes over.  She likes to ‘investigate’ and show off her ‘I’m a good cat’ ability.  Regardless of how much of a good cat she is, she isn’t supposed to be on the couch…at least she is on a blanket.

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I know she looks like she is ‘high up’ but it is only a few inches.  She likes to climb, roll over, and stand on things that she shouldn’t  She is our little daredevil!

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The Day I Lost My Brain (i.e. became pregnant)

Ever since I was pregnant, I sometimes feel like I lost something.

Okay, it’s back.  That would be my brain.  It shorts out every now and then.  It is usually in spurts.

Like, one day I may wake up, take a shower, and although I remind myself several times, I will forget to shave my legs.

Then I will wear shorts.

And then I will forget to put on deodorant so that by the end of the day I start to smell like a nursing home.

Then I will leave to go to the post office and forget the mail I was supposed to bring with me.

On my way home to get the mail, I will decide I want to take my daughter to a play area but when we get to the play area, I will realize I forgot her shoes and a sippy cup.

Those are the days I just want to make Hot Cha Cha and lay in bed all day because there is no way I am going to mess that up.

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A typical day

A typical day in the life of Stinky.

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Doggie Kisses

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